Challenge Winners

Since launching the Qivana Challenge we have already experienced many incredible, life-changing transformations. We want to recognize these inspiring individuals, couples and teams and encourage you to join the challenge, transform yourself and be featured here on our Winners page.

Prizes are awarded to IBOs that make the best transformation on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Congratulations to our current Qivana Challenge winners!



Ken Lewis Before/AfterKenneth Lewis of Jacksonville, Florida lost 65.4 pounds and a total of 37.5 inches in his chest, waist and hips, all in 90 days. He has currently dropped an additional 39.6 pounds, bringing his grand total weight loss to 105 pounds! Ken is now the smallest he has been since he was a freshman in college, and his persistence also led him to Gold rank within his first 6 weeks in Qivana. When asked why he decided to join the Challenge Ken explained, “I am turning 50 in October, and I intend to be around many years for my beautiful bride and eventually our grandchildren.” Knowing that he can finally lose weight, get healthy and help others to do the same are the best personal rewards he has gained from the experience.


Alice Lee Before/AfterAlice Lee of Clinton, Connecticut lost 135 pounds and went from a size 26 to a 12, all in 18 months. The death of her husband sparked her decision to become a healthier mom for her five, athletic boys. Alice’s friends consider her one of the most dedicated mothers they know, and this dedication has kept her going strong. Not only does she work multiple jobs, but she also finds time to attend as many of her boy’s sports games as possible and keep losing the weight! By taking 2 Metaboliq Shakes, 2 Metaboliq Boosts, 2 Qore Essentials, the Qore Probiotic and a Qore Detox on a daily basis, Alice is still on the path to a healthier life for her and her boys.




James MorganJay Morgan of St. Cloud, Florida lost 61 pounds and 27 inches in 90 days. He has currently lost over 90 pounds and he can now fit into the pants he wore in high school. “The [Qivana] Challenge is a great motivational tool to keep me focused on my end goal. To win the Caribbean Cruise trip at the end of the contest was very gratifying and overwhelming. The METABOLIQ products speak for themselves. They have become a mainstay in my life because they have literally changed my life. If you’re thinking about entering the contest, do it and don’t hold back! Concentrate, follow Dr. Layman’s plan, and don’t skip anything. Then you’ll be the winner of the next Caribbean cruise, and best of all, you’ll be thin and healthy enough to truly enjoy it!”

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Steve and Missy DeerSteve and Missy Deer of Knoxville, TN have lost a combined total of 104 pounds and 29.25 inches in just 90 days. On September 11, 2011 Steve and Missy won a 7-day Caribbean Cruise with a total of 191 pounds in 13 months. In addition to a free cruise, they have ditched a host of previous health concerns. “We have reached a new level in Qivana and we call it Qtopia,” Steve shares. “This entire process has been phenomenal and we are so grateful to everyone. It was such a delight to work as a team with Missy because we encouraged one another and worked through any weak moments together. Missy and I are in the best health and physical shape we have ever been in. The health concerns we once had are now non-existent. These are doctor-designed products that work and create results that last. We are now in maintenance mode and neither of us has gained any weight. METABOLIQ has changed our life for the best.”

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